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Welcome to Mains'l Haul Shanty Crew

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Mains'l Haul are a group of singers who specialise in singing sea shanties which were working songs designed to impart rhythm to motivate sailors for the hard and strenuous physical exertion required to sail wind driven ships in the late eighteenth early nineteenth century. Some of Mains'l Haul have experience of seafaring but now avoid any form of strenuous physical exertion with a passion. Only one of the crew remembers the late nineteenth century.

For us, shanty singing is a great way to get together with a group of mates to make music together. The improvised harmonies rarely come out the same twice but sound wonderful. Our aim is to enjoy ourselves and to encourage our listeners to do the same, audience participation is always encouraged.

Formed in 2014 Mains'l Haul have evolved into a lively group, singing shanties and songs of the sea. We sing mostly unaccompanied but also play a variety instruments including melodeon, guitar, concertinas and recorders. We have performed at a variety of local events mostly around Maldon Essex which includes two full charity concerts making £2000 split between Farleigh hospice and Thames Barge Trust. We sing at many regattas, beer festivals and sailing clubs.

We have become regular attendees at Harwich Shanty Festival and have also performed at Whitby Sea Festival and Leigh on Sea Folk Festival.

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